Friday, 19 April 2013

Happy Belated Birthday, Ginger!

I'm spending today organizing the various bits of paperwork I need in order to move provinces with a minimal amount of hassle. Wouldn't you know, in my folder of important papers, I found Ginger's registration. It seems we missed her birthday on April 3rd!  It's OK though, because it seems at least 3 other birthdays have also gone mysteriously missing since she's still convinced she's a 2 year old ;) I'll have to throw a few extra birthday parties for her this year in hopes of tricking her into thinking she's older and much more mature.

So, Happy 6th Birthday, Ginger. And Happy Early 8th Birthday, Lainey (before I forget!)
I made them pose in birthday hats last year for G's B-Day - the fun never stops ;)

Lainey's sale is still not final, so we'll celebrate her birthday as well. Besides, everyone loves birthdays, right?