Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Since I've been boring everyone with super wordy posts, I thought it might be time to go the opposite direction and give you a 'picture post'.

These are from today. I wish the lighting was better - perfect for all those Twilight type movies they love to shoot around here, not so great for taking pics of your horse with an iPhone.
Western jog imitation

Ok, I'll trot if you insist.

Half hearted attempt to canter - pony is very very lazy today

Are we done yet?

Let's get out of here

Happily visiting her mini friend

Random dog sitting on our front steps to greet me when I got home. Luckily his owner came and got him - our last dog was a chocolate lab and we might have been tempted to keep this one!
Hoping for a mini trail ride with a friend tomorrow - it'd be nice to end this rotten spring with a couple of fun rides before we head out.


  1. I love her sweet looking face :)

  2. I have a total weakness for that face. She really is the sweetest mare, otherwise she'd be using her cuteness against us all!