Saturday, 19 July 2014

Fingers Crossed!

I've been chatting with a lady who's been apprenticing with one of our Olympic dressage riders, and she's thinking about moving to my home town and offering coaching/training! How excellent would that be? (Long time readers will know I'm moving home in a month to an isolated town on the BC coast that currently has no local excitement at the prospect of a legit dressage coach is pretty high!)
Ginger and I, 2015. Just kidding, that's Jessica Wisdom and Cardi, of course!

Also, you need to keep your fingers crossed for me in regards to the ever so cute pony from last weekend. Nothing final yet, but I've got the go ahead from G, so fingers crossed that everything proceeds smoothly on that front and I have good news in a week or two!


  1. Keeping everything crossed on all counts - oh the excitement!

  2. Cool! Fingers crossed for you!