Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Mark of A Good Pony?

Both the girls have a random thumb size white spot on their bodies. Neither looks anything like a scar, more a naturally occurring white spot. Ginger's is more obvious to see:

A little less obvious now that her coat is sunbleached - in the winter it really stands out and
drives the OCD part of me a little nuts:)

While Bridget's is more defined, but hidden under her throatlatch where her coat forms a whorl, like a little reverse star:

Yes, I crawled right underneath her to take this photo. Do not try this at home :)


  1. How adorable, have you had any luck researching their shared lines to see if this is something that often happens?
    B is fab, that is not an easy angle to snap a pic from!

    1. I've met the grand-dam they have in common and she's pure black. Looking at old photos, though there are more than a few cobs with roan patterns and different coat colors!

    2. Love that you have such connections to both your girls families.
      I bought both my girls from their breeders and had looked more into K's pedigree at one stage ... I really should try to follow up on that again if i can dig back up the research