Wednesday, 15 October 2014

(Nearly) WW: Let Us Out!

We've had pretty stormy weather the past three days and the ponies are already sick and tired of it.
Life in the Super Max

I am nice, parole me please!
Ginger wants some love, Midge apparently just wants to trash talk her neighbour
This rain is nothing like Bridget is used to

Ginger has lived here awhile, she just doesn't like to get her white socks muddy

Ginger wonders why we can't all get along. Midge says her neighbour started it.

A session at the prison salon has Midge wanting to pose like a warmblood
Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Love the photos, looks like my two are the only pampered princesses in blog land. ☺
    I ♡ your girls

  2. Thanks :) The only upside to not being able to ride is more time to pamper the ponies!

  3. awww cute pics! hope it dries out soon!

  4. Is this barn at your home?! I'd love to see a "tour" of it! I'm going to be building my own barn in the next 2-3 years and am starting to get ideas. :)

    I pretty much want a barn with a run-in shelter attached to the barn.

    1. Great idea for a post - I will do that! I wish it was my barn! Sadly I'm only boarding. My barn is much more modest and on a much smaller property - the turnout where I board is much better and the trail riding is excellent :)