Sunday, 23 November 2014

Forest Ponies

Exhibit A: My Welsh Cobs demonstrate their love of brambles and shrubberies. To put this into perspective, to get to this little corner of the property they have to cross over and ignore the lush grass in the big 10 acre pasture, go through a narrow fenced area, then cross a decent sized creek and continue along a narrow path to where this opens into a smaller paddock that looks mostly like what you see in the picture. Dedicated property clearers right here :)  It seems they have finally convinced at least one of their pasture friends to indulge as well so at least the rest of the crowd isn't hanging out hungrily waiting for the cool kids to move back to the 'real' grazing,


  1. Replies
    1. I try not to be too envious - it really is amazing! They have about 20 acres I think and there's even a big river at the far end!

  2. Beautiful! This would make a pretty painting. :) Cobs in the forest - my horse girl dreams come true ;)

    1. Mine too :) One day I hope for a better camera, it really is beautiful out there.