Friday, 30 January 2015

Welsh Dragon

I came across this lovely pic of Ms Bridget in my 'outtakes' folder. It makes me laugh:


She looks kind of angry. Actually, she looks like a furry, angry dragon.

found HERE

That is all :)


  1. I can totally see the resemblance! She's fierce ;)

  2. I think she reminds me more of falcor from the neverending story in that shot (he has an excellent beard also also). She's a cutie :)

    1. Oh man, Falcor! He was my favorite way back when :) I may have to add a comparison photo of him too lol

  3. lol yesssss!! too bad it wasn't a cold day where you could see her blowing 'smoke' from her nostrils :)

  4. Ferocious girl. Very cute and funny!

  5. The judges are supposed to look for "fire breathing dragons" in the halter ring. It's why the British ones always look like they're kites on the end of the lines being run by men in the ring. It's a good thing for a Welshie to be a dragon!