Thursday, 11 June 2015

Anyone Looking For A Pony

Bridget's (gelded 7+ years ago) sire is for sale for a pretty reasonable price. If Bridget inherited even a tiny bit of her temperament from him, he's worth a look. If you want a fun project to play with, I believe he's had a bit of pro training (driving and riding) and is easy to get along with. I can vouch for the seller too, they're great, honest people.

Mostly I am posting the link to his ad because I'm biased: I think he's adorable because he's basically a sorrel version of Bridget. I love this photo so much!:

Link to ad and photo


  1. Beautiful! He sounds like a great pony

  2. Gorgeous!

    I would actually love something like him but I don't think I could affordably get him from Canada to Texas lol.

  3. Cute! Too bad I don't need another horse. :)

  4. He's a sturdy looking fella!