Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Riding Like A 7 Year Old

Our jumping lesson tonight felt a little flat and rusty, but otherwise alright. EC kept the fences teeny tiny but made a super twisty, complicated course. Fun, and confidence building for sure.
The famous blue gym mat jump

Anyway, I thought you might enjoy my homework for the weekend :)  :

- "You're on a pony, so you get to ride like it! I want to see you kicking that pony every time she feels even a little behind your leg."

- "Bum out of the saddle, hands out in front of you, everything about your position needs to say 'GO pony go!' This isn't a hunter show, you don't need to look pretty."

- "I want to see you channeling a 7 year old. Get out there and have fun on your pony, gallop around and jump some stuff and don't worry how it looks or if it's too fast or slow"

-"Please, whatever you do, don't win. You can't win your first event, because then it's all downhill from there..."
I love that Ginger and Bridget still hang out and are still  besties


  1. GO, PONY, GO!!! I like that kind of homework! Riding a pony as an adult definitely gives you permission to have more fun than most people. ;)

  2. I legitimately laughed at the last one! Best of luck this weekend

  3. Have a great time this weekend!

  4. I LOVE these! You're instructor seems like an amazing person :)

    Have fun this weekend!!

  5. Ha, all solid advice! Have fun!!

  6. All about making that pony look super cute ;)

  7. That is great homework!!! I love that G&B are still buddies <3