Tuesday, 4 June 2013

In which Lainey considers becoming a cowhorse

Once upon a time in the year 2011:

After a sudden move from forests and oceans to rolling ranch country, Lainey finds herself feeling lost and without purpose. Her identity is in question, she is an English horse in a Western world. She talks to the locals, who assure her that working cowhorse is a viable career choice. She takes some time to think it over:
The "Bring It On" look the cow is sporting concerns her.
Keeping a positive attitude, Lainey looks elsewhere to regain her purpose and quickly finds her true calling:

 Life is good.


  1. A little cowwork hurt no horses :) My TB used to love to chase the cows.

  2. Agreed! Ginger is actually totally into it and thinks its a big fun game. Lainey..well, not so much!

  3. I would love to have some fun chasing cows!