Wednesday, 17 December 2014

(Nearly) WW: Wishlist

I really appreciate those nice quiet mornings at the barn, particularly when the sun is out!

Hey Santa, can I have a few sunny mornings with nothing better to do than go riding this Christmas season? Big ask, I know, but I've been really good!

If the answer turns out to be no, I blame Midge. She's cute, but kind of naughty. There are days when I can almost understand why Santa uses reindeer to pull his sleigh instead of a team of cute bay cobs.


  1. lol i think we have very similar wish lists :)

  2. Definitely feel the same way... although I would love a snow ride.

  3. Beautiful lighting streaming through.
    I hope Santa sees your wish - i think you've been an exemplary good girl and should get everything you wish for!