Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Still Thinking

My coach sent out the trailering schedule for the show this morning, and I replied that I hadn't entered the show and am feeling unprepared so am going to pass.

Her reply was to go, have fun, and just only do cross rails as a schooling round if I was worried.

Which is really good advice. Except I'm not nervous about the jumps or even the show...I'm more just a little bit discouraged/frustrated with our inconsistencies of late jumping wise and pretty sure we are not 'show ready'.

How do I tell her I'm basically sulking and being a bad sport because I know we won't be competitive? Actually, it's easy - I'll just tell her exactly that tonight at my lesson and she will laugh at me and sign me up for the show. So...look forward to a show recap this weekend ;)


  1. I like the way your trainer thinks ;)

  2. Just go!! Have fun and get the experience!

  3. Looking forward to it :p!! It will at least be a great experience if nothing else.