Saturday, 1 October 2016

September Thoughts

This post inspiration brought to you once again by LWilliams. I'd like to think it's not so much that I am an uncreative, boring plagiarizer, it's just that she's so amazing at coming up with irresistibly great post ideas. Seriously, this is not my fault, it's hers. She's too awesome :)

Aiming: for bigger things
Borrowing: a dressage saddle
Craving: chocolate
Dreaming: of a vacation
Eating: tacos
Flying: all over SW BC
Guessing: Bridget needs to be fitter
Hating: the shorter days
Imagining: the perfect barn and acreage
Jumping: 2'9"
Killing: office plants
Listening: Led Zeppelin Mothership
Meeting: hundreds of IT people
Needing: more sleep
Opening: parcels containing recent purchases
Partaking: in all the craft beers
Questioning: work management's competence
Reading: George Morris "Unrelenting" biography, "West With The Night" Beryl Markham
Sharing: multiple pairs of barn scissors. Where do they go?
Talking: to G every day
Understanding: that I'm in a good place
Versioning: databases
Wishing: for a wood burning fireplace
Xeroxing: multiple copies of dressage tests
Yielding: to my desire to be lazy
Zeroing: my bank account


  1. Her content creation is really sublime. I too copied several dressage tests this month!

    1. My coach always has them on her phone or carries an ominibus...I'm all about multiple paper copies stashed everywhere :)

  2. That's fabulous. I may try this

  3. i'm hating the shorter days too :(

    1. I wish we could just opt out of Daylight Savings time

  4. I want to do this!!

    Also, I am craving chocolate as well. lol

    1. Next time you're on the island, check out 'Hot Chocolates" I think the lady said they have multiple's a coffee bar, bakery, and most importantly they make chocolates! Chocolate everything, everywhere, an entire store of it.

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  6. Love this! I too am zeroing my bank account haha

    1. I'm really, really good at spending money.

  7. Ah thanks! I love the shorter days but I have reverse SADs lol

    1. There's something to be said for cozy evenings, but I really miss being able to hit the trails after work. (or more practically, feed and muck paddocks in the daylight)